James Worthmore aspires to be a great, nay, the greatest scientist the world has ever seen. He has money, power, a butler whose sole existence is to ensure James’ success. Nothing stands in the way of his meteoric rise to further prestige and fortune.

Well, until you came along. It’s time to show James that he can’t buy his way into winning the science fair…even if it takes some underhanded experimenting.

Science Fair Sabotage is a point-and-click puzzle game made by Trash Otter Studio, a group of first-timers at the Seattle Indie Game Jam, where the theme was "Intentionally Broken." Combine ingredients found in the classroom to sabotage (dare we say, intentionally break) James’ experiments and knock him down a peg. The game is for all ages, but is not recommended for those sensitive to trickery, classism, science, and potential arson.


Alec McQuinn - Programming and Writing 

Annie Bradshaw - Art and Design 

Greg Watson - Music Composition 

Ishin Iwasaki - Programming and Writing 

Nora Swindle - Music Composition  and C4 Queen 

Guest Starring Andrew McPherson as James (Once that's in the game)

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